The hallmark of Cabinet Ruberwa is our professional and client-focused service.

At Cabinet Ruberwa we combine our legal and sector expertise with an in-depth understanding of the client’s business. Our experience and outcome-focused approach is directed towards creating solutions that help clients to achieve their objectives in better, more cost-effective and time-efficient ways.

For convenience and ease of clients’ interaction with us, we operate a contact partner system under which each client knows the partner they should contact in the first instance in case of need.


We are dedicated to a standard of values that promote honesty and openness; In addition, we believe that it is vital for the people we deal with to trust the firm. We strive to be honest, fair and ethical in everything we do and in all our transactions with clients, suppliers, investors, co-workers and our neighbors in the communities.


We adhere to impeccable professional and personal standards in carrying out our duties and serving the clients. We conduct ourselves with utmost dignity, our character is beyond reproach and our professional expertise and attitude is evident in the quality of tasks and interactions with our clients